We are leading the way forward for the UK Music industry. The brand will build the foundation towards media and entertainment groups, by developing a portfolio of some of the best the UK musical talent has to offer. TLC Global Media is a multicultural brand that will not be limited to a single dimension.

TLC Global Media will become a world leader for UK music distribution, and also pave the way for artists to promote their talent and craft to the wider world. Starting with UK Showcase, TLC Global Media will embark on a campaign nationally through live music, and providing a platform for UK artists to shine their talent.

TLC Global Media works hard and plays hard and will always aim to do things differently to other media organisations. We will be the best at all things TLC Global Media do.


How It All Began

I began my DJ career in the 90’s on SLR Radio, with Natty B doing Drive-Time. Then I moved to Paradise Radio and retired soon after. I was given the name ‘Lady TLC’ by Hector Selector back in 1988, and more recently Mosty G from Equation Roadshows added ‘The Phenomenal’ to my DJ tag. I returned to the DJ circuit after the sad passing of my mum in 2012. Specialist, a fellow DJ colleague who was on Station FM, invited me to join him as a guest DJ on his Soca show called ‘The Seasoning’ and then offered me a position on Station FM. I joined Station FM in April 2013 doing Drive-Time every Tuesday afternoon. Then due to work commitments, I moved to Sunday afternoon sessions and created the ‘Sunday Lunch’ promoting UK Reggae. Over the 18 months, I have built my presence on the airwaves as a DJ supporting UK talent.

In 2014 I was invited by Brookie ‘Nightlife’ to participate in a competition for female DJs entitled, ‘Queen Selector of Lovers Rock’. I won the title and wanted to use this winning opportunity to influence UK Reggae as a genre.

I reconnected with Natty B, my mentor, who is part of the Studio One Syndicate. He introduced me to Studio One Syndicate, who took me into their fold as the ‘First Lady’, the title given to me by Natty B. During my time as First Lady in Studio One Syndicate, I have played and improved my DJing and mastered my craft.

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